Thursday, October 20, 2011

It might Flood, But I won,t starve in Isaan 20.10.11

I have been all over Isaan the Past month, chasing floods and whatever else. Here are a few of the foods I have eaten in the past couple of weeks And there is a lot not posted. Fine fine vittles there

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fine dining Mukdahan Isaan

got to Mukdahan had a quick meal on the quay, shot boat races, took a nap, watched the rain shower and then headed to the Mukdahan Ninght Food Market. I have posted, photographed and shot video there for years and never get tired of the best night food market in Isaan. Had a rib snack while I was there.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Faikid Hotal and Food Amnat Charoen, Isaan, Thailand

I arrived in Amnat to late too find a new place to stay so ended up at the Faikid. It's wifi has been borderline at best in my few previous stays. This time it was useless and I ended up on my GPRS, and no posts. After a beer in the room I really needed food and with great trepidation ambled out to their restaurant. There is nothing else in walking distance. I sat down ordered a beer and the waitress anxiously looked around for my business manager to arrive. Eventually beer, glass and ice arrived at the little table, not near enough by. I finally convinced someone that today would be an ideal time to open the beer. I then asked for the "Lai Gahn Ahaan".
I was told it was not in English and I pointed out that that would be fine as I assumed no one there could read any language. I ordered the "yahm thalee woonsen" and she just stared at me. The folks at the next table were starting to get interested and when I spelled yahm for her in Thai they lost it, she got embarrased, and was replaced by someone who could speak and read Thai. Dinner was Ehh at best and overpriced.
Breakfast, such as it was, came with the room. Toast, but no eggs. Coffee, instant, in a shot glass. And khao tom, rice soup in a coffee cup. I think it was weenie khao tom.
This is why I try not to stay in Hotels. To be fair the staff at the hotel are polite and as helpful as their training allows. I have also spotted some alternative places to stay and will be putting them in a map soon

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Krua Pheun on Beung Kaen Nakhon in Isaan

This place features Karaoke, Dining-room and outside dining options.
It just finished it's 12th anniversary promotions. The staff is usually chirpy and helpful and I am sure there are more promotions going on. It has been tough around the beung with the rains and flooding and it looks like we are going to lose some good eateries around the are. So lets get back out to check out the places that weathered the storms