Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vietnam Noodle and Food, Mukdahan, Thailand 27.09.1. It

Up the street from the Hua Nam Hotel just Past the Chinese shrine is the little Restaurant. It's name is Doa or Hua, but you can easiest recognize it from the photos in the album, or go to the Picasa Album and view the map, or go to my Mukdahan Map. The sell generally Thai food to include quaiytiow and stuff, but do have a few nearly Vietnamese entrees. The Banh Xeo, although a bit on the small side, is quite good and not soggy on the inside. The fried spring rill use the more delicate rice paper wraps and are much nicer than the Thai style thick papered ones. I will be back, but the place is not only worth a visit, but a revisit as well. Staff and fellow diners were a polite helpful bunch, a friendly place as well

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