Monday, October 1, 2012

Krua Vietnam Restaurant Mukdahan Thailand

Banh Xeo
(Replacing an earlier Post) The Tourism Authority of Thailand, local travel guides and some enthusiastic copy paste travel bloggers call this restaurant Vietnam Noodle and Food. Not only do they get the name wrong, but they also have it in the wrong spot. Now before I am once again informed that Travell Bloggers are not map makers one might note that if they even visited the place they would see what they were copying and pasting was incorrect. As to the mane I can see why it is listed incorrectly as the owners were dumb enough to post it clearly in a number of places. And to all congratulations they do not have Vietnamese noodles.
The first thing I ordered, after a beer was the Banh Xeo, which they know by its Thai name and then took a chance with the Spring Rolls. One of the customers congratulated me on knowing the Vietnamese name of the foods and we carried on a conversation throughout the meal. Real nice customers and mighty fine staff here. The Banh Xeo was 8 out of 10. Well prepared ,but a bit on the small size. The Spring Rolls were Vietnamese style using the proper rice paper not that cardboard stuff Thais seem to prefer.
The Nooles they do are Quaiytiaow, Thai Style. It seems many of the restaurants in the region have to mix authentic foor with the more basic foods that fit the less  refined Thai pallet.
The Restaurant location can be found where it actually exists on my Mukdahan Map

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