Thursday, January 26, 2012

kuay tiao, guay dtiaao, ก๋วยเตี๋ยวน้ำ however you spell it, it's noodle soup in Thailand

On street sides, in restaurants, what might be Thailands favorite soup. It is difficult to find anyplace in Isaan where you are out of reach of the soup.The noodles generally come 1 of 2 ways; the white rice "vermicelli in a variety of sizes or mama" packaged noodles. Most peopleseem to like sen lek, the skinny rice vermicelli.Meats can be pork,beef fish or anyting you might want. It comes in balls boiled and sometimes crispy. Greens, sprous and herbs often come as  an accompany the bowl.Peppers, vinegar, sugar and more have to be avaiable as every person must have it to their own taste. Always rememeber to taste it before youadd your condiments. Some soups have a strong flavor of their own while some are quite bland
Another thing you might like to learn to say is "kruuanhng nai" which means No Innards if you prefer to not have boiled liver or any other innard.
It's a filling healthy meal any time of day. and a fine option for those who do not want spicy.
So however you spell it guaitiaow