Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vietnam Noodle and Food, Mukdahan, Thailand 27.09.1. It

Up the street from the Hua Nam Hotel just Past the Chinese shrine is the little Restaurant. It's name is Doa or Hua, but you can easiest recognize it from the photos in the album, or go to the Picasa Album and view the map, or go to my Mukdahan Map. The sell generally Thai food to include quaiytiow and stuff, but do have a few nearly Vietnamese entrees. The Banh Xeo, although a bit on the small side, is quite good and not soggy on the inside. The fried spring rill use the more delicate rice paper wraps and are much nicer than the Thai style thick papered ones. I will be back, but the place is not only worth a visit, but a revisit as well. Staff and fellow diners were a polite helpful bunch, a friendly place as well

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mighty Fine Laap or Larb or a Foodgasm in Mukdahan Notheast Thailand

Now finding good Laap in Isaan is not impossible. But to find what surly competes for the best duck laap in Isaan is a real find. Not only does this guy specialize in Laap is all he does. If you want somtam it gets imported from place  down the soi. There is no river view only beer and a whole lot of other e afficianandos of fine duck laap. You will be able to find the location on my Mukdahan Map. And a special thanks to Ralph who I will provide a link to soonest

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Vietnamese Food in Ubon Ratchatani, Thailand 04.09.12

1st meal at Golfhouse
First of all, I became acquainted with Vietnamese food back in the late 60s ans early 70s during the war. Part of my time was spent coordinating between a Vietnamese and American unit and was well looked after by the Vietnamese command, war or no war. Back In the U.S. I was familiar with quite a few of the people in the Vietnamese communities in San Diego, New Orleans and Northern Virginia where many settled and opened restaurants. And finally I spent a year helping the Vietnamese temple in Seattle out of some major zoning problems and was well looked after by the restaurant owners.
On arrival in Thailand some 17 years ago I was amazed by the lack of authentic Vietnamese food available and still am to this day.
Some years ago there were a couple Vietnamese restaurants in Nakhon Phanom the served Vietnamese food , closed some time ago, but I have heard rumors of a couple new ones that I will be checking out.
I had read a post about a place in Ubon named Golf House so marked it on my map and read a post done by Chris for Mr Memock and to retry the Indochine and find the place that did the banh mi, called Kanom Paeng Pate Saigon, a cart.
Got to lunch at the  golfhouse at 1100 as I like to check a place without the rush. As usual in Thailand if you are with a Thai women the staff assumes she is the person in charge and as Daeng my companion was aware of what I was up to we quickly got the conversation pointed in the right direction. The staff there were polite, patient and prompt. They have the menu in both Thai and in Vietnames and accurate pictures on the walls. I was on a roll having a great time. The food was Vietnamese and the portions manly. One dish we ordered is called a yahm in Thai usually a Spicy salad. Afetr she had a couple tastes I asked Daeng what she thought and she was amazed by how it was spicy "but not like thai" and sweet, but not stoo sweet. That I guess sums up the difference between Thai and Vietnames food. The Vietnames have subtleties in their cooking a finely balance seet, sour, spicy and salty. Don't mistake I absolutely enjoy Isaan food, this is just a different thing. While there we enquired about banh mi and were told by a few people that unfortunately the place was gone. I also called their number got a voice mail, left a message and never got a reply.
Dinner at the Indochine was another story. The staff tere is used to a more obedient class of customer and no exceptions are to be made. I cannot say the food was bad it is just that it ws only an imitation of Vietnames food and the portions were smaller and prices higher, and a real letdown after lunch.
The surprise came out side as I had always tried to figure out the restaurant just ti the west of the Indochine as some Thai foods looked the same.
Dang confirmed my suspicions. So if you like Indochine food just go to the non air simple place next door and pay 50 baht for what is 80 baht in the Indochine.
Back at Golfhouse it was the same again. As I had visited the Vietnamese restaurants in Sakon Nakhon that do not serve vietnames food with Daeng I asked her what she thought about the whole thing and to paraphrase she seemed to think Thai people like to say they are going out for Vietnames food (face) but prefer what is more like Thai food, and about the food she ate in ubon, she's ready to go back.
My opinion is if you want Vietnamese food in Ubon, value for money, a polite staff and good service head to the Pink place, Golfhouse. For some reason you cannot see the captions in the album. Go the the picasa web album for captions and locations