Wednesday, May 25, 2011

>Isaan Dinner 25.05.11

Just a quiet dinner out with a couple folks, but not to shabby for a boring Thursday evening. Fish, laap, somtam, squid salan, khao ngiao and of course beer

Friday, May 13, 2011

Mukdahan Night Food Market 13.05.11

The night food market in Mukdahan has been an institution for many more then the 15 years I have visited. It is located on the road in front of sala klaang, the provincial office building. Some years back the road was under construction and the market was moved for some months and completely changed the face and feel of the city. Every evening 100s of food sellers long with lottery ticket, clothes and an assortment of other sellers set up an a couple hundred meters of road to provide the evening meal and assorted their needs to the ggod folks of Mukdahan. Last night was a quick fly through as intermittent showers have been passing through the reqion and I lost another umbrella.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sticky Rice, khao niao, khao ngiaow a Users Guide

I thought everyone in the universe would know how to eat sticky rice, but have learned just how wong I am. Recently in both blogs and twitter posts I have read some amazing khao niaoodditiess. And most amazing I have actually seen a person eating khao niaow with a spoon.
Khao niaow geoes well in Isaan' poor soil and is realatively inexpensive and for years was a satple on the Isaan mat ( sit on the floor to eat). Now a days many middle class I saan folk have broken away from the humble grain for the more lofty beautiful rice, khao suay.
So here we are, no cheicken or fish tonight but both are fresh and delicious. Pictured below are somtam and Laap Moo. Now the somtam might look a bit strange to those of you who have not experienced Isaan or Laos. This is the real deal and "NO! it will not blow your socks, or sandals off. Laap, larp, laab comes in many flavors; duck, chicken beef an pictured here pork.
Now each food, whatever you are having comes on it's own plate while each diner gets their own plate and if soup were involved bowl as well.
Now a days some people will put a bit of food on their plate eat with the spoon and dip the khao ngiaow into the juice. The rice is take from the basket. Oh yes this is the way khao niaow is generally served, in individual baskets. Traditionally this was all done with the ball of rice and food in the same finger full.. My somtam I prefer traditional style, while the laap I prefer by the spoonful with the bite size ball of rice sopping up the bits.
But it all goes down quite well with your beverage of choice. Bon Apatite

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

breakfast in Nong khai, isaan

Kuai jab and more at third busy little shop
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Sunday, May 1, 2011