Monday, November 12, 2012

Vietnamese food and More Food update from Northeast Thailand 12.11.12

In the past 4 weeks or so I have visited Mukdahan, and Nakhon Phanom with the aim of getting a handle on Vietnamese food in the area. The latest quest began in Ubon Ratchatani a couple months ago and of course Sakon Nakhon.
As of today, in my opinion the town of Mukdahan offers the best chance of consuming authentic Vietnamese food, with Ubon in second.
Let make 1 thing clear before I go on, I do not consider Naem Nuang, Nam Nuang, Nem Nuang or any of the spelling Vietnamese food. As I understand it, it was invented by a restaurant in Nong Khai oddly enough named Daeng Namnuang.
In talking with a restaurant owner here in Sakon Nakhon I have learned there is 1 I missed in Ubon which is painted purple as opposed to the pink 1. He is working on getting me the name of the establishment. The general consensus in my non scientific survey Vietnamese restaurants in Isaan can serve some authentic dishes,but due to lack of custom have to provide the pretend vietnamese dishes as well. The best example of the is Pauw Pia Thawt in Thai and Cha Gio in Vietnamese.There are some places that will use the proper Vietnamese name while most will use the Thai. As one proprietor said Thai people like to say they are going out for Vietnamese food, but prefer something else. The Vetnamese Cha Gio is a whole different game than the Thai spring roll. For one the rice paper is much more delicate, lighter than the Thai cardboard creation. It might be related, but only a distant cousin
Pictured above is from an establishment near the Muk police station,. The food Vietnamese, a specialty in Hue, The rest of the menu Thai. Throught the region Banh Xeo, which is different in different regions in Vietnam is sold here in Isaan is some good and some dreadful forms.
Okay I am getting way to wordy and will carry on this discussion again

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Frantic Food Moment in Sakon Nakhon Thailand

It is all about food in Thailand, especially in Northeast Thailand, Isaan. From meals shared at the many little restaurants to the foodcourts at the shopping centers, ther is always time for at leat a quick snack.
And yes I am still playing with the Viddy Application. A 15 second view with filters and music. Sort of a visual snack of Northeast Thailand.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Foodgasm at the fair, Sakon Nakhon 26.1012

So we slipped over to the fair to see what was going on early this evening. By the fair I mean all the stuff at Ming Muang Municipal Park in Sakon Nakhon. Tonnes of the usual this and that are being sold but I was after food. It looks like the BBQ on a stick is a favorite again. There was plenty of Phad Thai in various forms as well as duck and for those with absolutely no tastebuds the Isaan weanie was the in abundance.
One way or the other there is something for everyone at the fair,

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A little bit of Thailand in Udon Thani

From the New Cetral Mall through Soi Sampantamit in Udon Thani you are hrdpress to find Thai food, but a new place has finally open and welcome it is Baan Bongkotch serves good Thai food at Thai food prices in a Thai restaurant.
Yes you can wonder into the bowels of the Mall to the foodcourt and get a sanitized version of Thai good at inflated prices, but to sit down in a normal Thai restaurant has not been easy to find in an area I call Pattaya without the Sea.
Fair portions of Thai food at Fair prices. I look forward to eating there whenever I have to be in Udon.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Krua Vietnam Restaurant Mukdahan Thailand

Banh Xeo
(Replacing an earlier Post) The Tourism Authority of Thailand, local travel guides and some enthusiastic copy paste travel bloggers call this restaurant Vietnam Noodle and Food. Not only do they get the name wrong, but they also have it in the wrong spot. Now before I am once again informed that Travell Bloggers are not map makers one might note that if they even visited the place they would see what they were copying and pasting was incorrect. As to the mane I can see why it is listed incorrectly as the owners were dumb enough to post it clearly in a number of places. And to all congratulations they do not have Vietnamese noodles.
The first thing I ordered, after a beer was the Banh Xeo, which they know by its Thai name and then took a chance with the Spring Rolls. One of the customers congratulated me on knowing the Vietnamese name of the foods and we carried on a conversation throughout the meal. Real nice customers and mighty fine staff here. The Banh Xeo was 8 out of 10. Well prepared ,but a bit on the small size. The Spring Rolls were Vietnamese style using the proper rice paper not that cardboard stuff Thais seem to prefer.
The Nooles they do are Quaiytiaow, Thai Style. It seems many of the restaurants in the region have to mix authentic foor with the more basic foods that fit the less  refined Thai pallet.
The Restaurant location can be found where it actually exists on my Mukdahan Map

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vietnam Noodle and Food, Mukdahan, Thailand 27.09.1. It

Up the street from the Hua Nam Hotel just Past the Chinese shrine is the little Restaurant. It's name is Doa or Hua, but you can easiest recognize it from the photos in the album, or go to the Picasa Album and view the map, or go to my Mukdahan Map. The sell generally Thai food to include quaiytiow and stuff, but do have a few nearly Vietnamese entrees. The Banh Xeo, although a bit on the small side, is quite good and not soggy on the inside. The fried spring rill use the more delicate rice paper wraps and are much nicer than the Thai style thick papered ones. I will be back, but the place is not only worth a visit, but a revisit as well. Staff and fellow diners were a polite helpful bunch, a friendly place as well

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mighty Fine Laap or Larb or a Foodgasm in Mukdahan Notheast Thailand

Now finding good Laap in Isaan is not impossible. But to find what surly competes for the best duck laap in Isaan is a real find. Not only does this guy specialize in Laap is all he does. If you want somtam it gets imported from place  down the soi. There is no river view only beer and a whole lot of other e afficianandos of fine duck laap. You will be able to find the location on my Mukdahan Map. And a special thanks to Ralph who I will provide a link to soonest

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