Monday, November 12, 2012

Vietnamese food and More Food update from Northeast Thailand 12.11.12

In the past 4 weeks or so I have visited Mukdahan, and Nakhon Phanom with the aim of getting a handle on Vietnamese food in the area. The latest quest began in Ubon Ratchatani a couple months ago and of course Sakon Nakhon.
As of today, in my opinion the town of Mukdahan offers the best chance of consuming authentic Vietnamese food, with Ubon in second.
Let make 1 thing clear before I go on, I do not consider Naem Nuang, Nam Nuang, Nem Nuang or any of the spelling Vietnamese food. As I understand it, it was invented by a restaurant in Nong Khai oddly enough named Daeng Namnuang.
In talking with a restaurant owner here in Sakon Nakhon I have learned there is 1 I missed in Ubon which is painted purple as opposed to the pink 1. He is working on getting me the name of the establishment. The general consensus in my non scientific survey Vietnamese restaurants in Isaan can serve some authentic dishes,but due to lack of custom have to provide the pretend vietnamese dishes as well. The best example of the is Pauw Pia Thawt in Thai and Cha Gio in Vietnamese.There are some places that will use the proper Vietnamese name while most will use the Thai. As one proprietor said Thai people like to say they are going out for Vietnamese food, but prefer something else. The Vetnamese Cha Gio is a whole different game than the Thai spring roll. For one the rice paper is much more delicate, lighter than the Thai cardboard creation. It might be related, but only a distant cousin
Pictured above is from an establishment near the Muk police station,. The food Vietnamese, a specialty in Hue, The rest of the menu Thai. Throught the region Banh Xeo, which is different in different regions in Vietnam is sold here in Isaan is some good and some dreadful forms.
Okay I am getting way to wordy and will carry on this discussion again

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